Winter Fish Stew

I hope you enjoyed last week’s recipe of rib eye black pepper beef from the Michelin starred London eatery Hakkasan.

This week tails of magician Paul Daniel’s Berkshire house being under 3 feet of water are apparently no illusion. If he’s so good a magic why can’t he make it disappear, and he could vanish his wife at the same time, age has done her no real favor.

Rather then given you a recipe for Ills Flottantes or a Coco-Cola float I’m opting for a rather more traditional fish stew which I had on Friday.

The tomato sauce was made by frying off onion, garlic, and adding a tin of cherry tomatoes which were blitzed and then reduced down to a thick sauce. Five tablespoons were placed in a pan with 100ml of chicken stock and then the fish was added. This was cooked over a low flame for 4 minutes, leaving everything in the pan for a further five minutes off the heat with the lid still on. Salt, pepper, tabasco and a little roquette finished off the dish just before serving.

The other story last week was that sugar is now the new tobacco; does this mean employees can now spend half the day skiving off work to nosh a nut cluster outside their office?

Fish Stew

½ Onion diced
2 cloves garlic diced
1 tin cherry tomatoes
2 large Red Mullet de-scaled, filleted, pin boned, and cut into chunks
Salt and pepper
Olive Oil