Topping from the Bottom

Last week Greece voted for the radical left wing party Syriza to govern their country, and how the southern European nation pays back its debt to Germany is still very much unknown, giving rise to the question “which side is actually in control?”

Perhaps Alexis Tsipras and Angela Merkel could discuss “The Greeks” cooking a giant Moussaka as a part payment, it’s very easy to make.

Simply fry off onion and garlic and when soft add the cinnamon, then minced lamb, wine, tomatoes, and oregano. Cook down for about 20 minutes, and in the meantime griddle the aubergines. When they’re cooked make the topping for the dish by melting butter, adding the flour, then the milk and stirring until thickened through. At this point add the cheese, seasoning, and then the eggs. Finally layer a roasting dish with the cooked aubergines, then the mince and last of all the topping, placing in an oven at 200oC for 25-30 minutes.
I cycle to work each day, and for the last four years the journey has taken me past the Highgate residence of Kate Moss. This week was the first time I’ve actually spotted her on my cycling sojourn. She was leaving her house and getting into an Addison Lee with Jamie her husband, who went round the other side of the taxi and didn’t open her door. Perhaps the supermodel likes them rough, but I’m willing to bet she “tops from the bottom”.

Angela Merkel might not be a super model, but I doubt the cruel mistress of Europe would put up with any nonsense from the likes of Greece.


Serves 6

1 large onion diced
3 cloves garlic finely diced
900g minced lamb
50ml white wine
1x 400g can chopped tomatoes blitzed with a stick blender
1xhandful fresh Oregano
3 large Aubergines, sliced lengthways
salt and pepper
75g butter
75g plain flour
1-pint milk
50g parmesan cheese
2 medium free-range eggs