Toad in the Hole

Last week the fireworks were in Brussels, as Britain was hit with a £1.7 Billion GDP tax from the EU. Our bill was bigger this year because for the first time calculations have included £5.3 billion on prostitutes and £4.4 billion on illegal drugs, so once again it’s all the bankers fault.

Over the explosive weekend we celebrated when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament (where decisions regarding the running of this country used to be made), so the blog recipe could only be toad in the hole featuring bangers.

First you make the batter mixing eggs with the milk and flour, which when combined need to be placed in a jug and place in the freezer whilst the sausages are browned for about three minutes in a pan, (the best way is to place the bangers in a cold pan and heat both up together). Whilst the sausages are sizzling place a small roasting try with the fat in a hot oven (180oC). After five minutes add the browned bangers and cold batter; cook for about 20 minutes.

Bonfire night came early in Staffordshire when there was an arson attack on fireworks factory. I can just imagine the police keeping everyone back suggesting that there was nothing to see and that everyone should go home.

Ingredients for Toad in The Hole

For the batter: 3 whole eggs, ½ pint milk, 70g flour, pinch of salt and pepper

4 Quality Pork Sausages

30g dripping or any good fat