The Grain Store

Well I’ve most of my mind back, having lost a large part in a field in Norfolk at a private festival which I have to say was amazing; thanks to the Buxton’s I’ll never forget the most wonderful weekend. Eco chef Tom Hunt fed us all with things like lamb wrap’s and Moroccan Salad with Falafel.

2 test match victories and Froomy winning the tour were quite special, and I hear that The Duchess Of York is about to drop in the same wing that my lovely daughter was born.

My big culinary discovery this week is the amazing “Grain Store” restaurant in Kings Cross. In my 20’s I spent quite a lot of time “having it” at Bagley’s Lane which has now been converted to a big commercial estate, incorporating this lovely eatery set up by Bruno Loubet. My first thought was there’s nothing I like on this menu, as there was nothing I recognized, although everything I ate was fantastic. Staff were friendly and the venue very cool. There was the grilled Quail with Chermoula (see photo), runner beans and pistachio. Sea Bream with Dhal lentils, sweet banana pepper and apple & red onion salsa and the very original dessert of Strawberry & Balsamic jam, horseradish ice cream; none sounded that great on the menu, and all were. As it happened Chef was in which always makes a big difference. Anyway I can thoroughly recommend.

Sunday lunch was grilled snapper, more about that next time.