Roast Chicken Breast, Crispy Thigh, Broccoli, Beetroot, and King Oyster Mushrooms

Serves 4
For the chicken breast:

4 x Chicken Breasts
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil
125g Unsalted Butter
4 Cloves Peeled Garlic

Season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper. Heat a frying pan with a little oil until smoking hot, and place the the breasts in skin side down. Turn the heat down to medium, when half cooked then add butter, thyme and garlic. When completely melted, turn the chicken breast over, and turn off the heat. And leave the chicken to finish cooking in the residual heat. Ensure core temperature is above 70deg cel. Cut breast in half.

For the crispy thigh:
4 x deboned and skinned chicken thighs
75g Panko Breadcrumbs
Handful of picked flat leaf parsley
1 Garlic clove
25g plain flour
1 whisked egg white
Salt and pepper.

Place Panko, garlic and flat parsley in blender, and blend until combined (be careful not to over-blend as mix will stick together). Put the chicken thighs into the flour, coat thoroughly and dust off excess flour, then place in the egg, coat thoroughly, remove excess, and then place them in the breadcrumb mix. Gently push the crumb onto the thigh, and then place on a separate plate. Deep fry at 175 deg cel, until golden brown and thoroughly cooked (core temperature of 75
deg cel), finish in the oven if necessary. Trim edges of the thigh.

For the broccoli:
1 large head of broccoli
10g cider vinegar
30g water
10g sugar
Xantham gum

First cut the stalk away from the head, slice off the round edges to trim of the tough green skin. Slice as fine as possible on the mandolin. Mix the vinegar, sugar, and water together. Place the stalk in the mix. Then cut the head off the broccoli in small florets and are roughly the same size. Add to a pan of salted boiling water and when cooked refresh in iced water reserving the cooking liquid. Blend with some of the coking water if needed, adding a little
xantham gum at a time to emulsify mix, and seasoning.

For the beetroot ketchup:
230g cooked beetroot
100g beetroot juice
20g cider vinegar
25 sugar
Pinch of Maldon sea salt

Combine all the ingredients, apart from the ultratex. Blend until smooth, then heat to 85 deg cel for 2 minutes. Add a little ultratex at a time, until to reach ketchup consistency.

For the roast beetroot:
1 small cooked beetroot
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Teaspoon of picked thyme.

Preheat the oven to 190 deg cel.Cut the beetroot into 4 wedges. Lightly coat the beetroot
in olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme. Roast in the oven for 10 minutes

For the King oyster mushroom;
2 King oyster mushrooms
Olive oil.

Preheat oven to 180 deg cel. Cut the mushrooms in half, and lightly criss-cross. Heat a frying pan to medium-high heat, and add splash of olive oil. Add the mushrooms, scored side down, and lightly colour. Then place in oven for 5 minutes or until cooked.

For the jus:
500ml chicken stock
1 shallot
1 clove of garlic
10 sprigs of thyme
100ml white wine

Sweat the shallot and garlic in a little olive oil until tender, add the wine, and reduce this by 2/3. Add the stock and thyme, and reduce by roughly ½, and strain through a chinois.