Rib-eye Black Pepper Beef

I hope you enjoyed our how to cook Christmas turkeyhow to cook Christmas veg and how to bake mince pies videos. Christmas was no different to any other year with eating as high up on the menu as ever. Naturally TV played its part and I particularly enjoyed “The Dam Busters”, Peter Jackson’s masterpiece immortalizing 617 Squadron, surly now as big a part of the festive season as turkey and bread sauce.

As a present to myself I drove the Munich engineered sleigh to Hakkasan indulging in the Michelin Star restaurant’s signature dish of rib eye black pepper beef.

The secret of this recipe is to make the sauce in advance by adding pepper to a hot wok, followed by butter, tomato sauce, maggi liquid, Worcester sauce, chicken stock and sugar, reducing all to a syrup, then setting a side. For the beef you first cook the garlic in a wok, remove, and then mix starch with water and oil which is used to coat the beef and then fried. After including pre cooked onions and spring onions, the dish is finished off by adding the reduced sauce, and served in a deep fried rice noodle lattice.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without kid’s games and Mouse Trap provided hours of fun over the school holidays, although it was rather difficult to set up; I think even Barnes Wallace would have struggled to construct the wonkey shelves, and loop the loop.


For the beef

180g Galloway rib-eye steak cut into 15g cubes and seasoned with salt and pepper

½ teaspoon starch

20g peeled garlic cloves (blanch and boiled in hot water for 5 minutes)

40g spring onions

50g diced onions

10g red pepper finely diced

300ml vegetable oil.
For the black pepper sauce

8g cracked black pepper

32g butter

120g tomato sauce

18g Maggi liquid seasoning

12g Worcestershire sauce

32g chicken stock

18g white sugar.