Raspberry and Pistachio Macaroons



I heard on the radio that Michael The Scull Crusher Wheatley escaped from prison yesterday and police were advising not to approach him; some good advise because if they hadn’t said anything and our path’s crossed, I might have invited him to Oliver and Michaela’s BBQ last night.


Perhaps if The Scull crusher learnt to bake macaroons and handed them out to fellow cellies he might get more May Day invitations?


For his and your benefit all you have to do is make a paste by mixing almond powder, egg whites and icing sugar. You also need to make Italian meringues by mixing peaked egg whites with a syrup (made by adding caster sugar to water, and boiling up to 114oC) and then folding into the paste. The mixture is then piped through a bag onto a tray in small discs, topped with crushed nuts, and baked at 140oC for 17-19 minutes. The buttercream filling is made by boiling a raspberry coulis, adding butter, caster sugar, and then mixing with egg yolks. After it’s refrigerated until set and used as the filling, sandwiched between two macaroon shells at the end.


With the European elections approaching perhaps the “scull crusher” wants to hide behind UKIP’s political agenda in the hope he won’t get found, like the rest of the party which is beginning to resemble Top Gear without the cars.




Makes 40


Meringues: 275g Caster Sugar, ½ tspn red food colouring, 95g egg whites,


Paste: 275g icing sugar, 275g ground almonds, 95g egg whites


30g crushed Pistachio nuts


Buttercream: 120g Raspberry coulis, 45g caster sugar, 2x egg yolks, 200g unsalted butter