Pulled Lamb with Beans and Chorizo – Video Recipe

Today I’m going to show you how to do a slow-cooked shoulder of lamb, it’s sort of like pulled lamb, if you like. We’re going to do our own baked beans and we’re also going to cook off some chorizo with that. So effectively three things to show you there: how to cook chorizo, make your own baked beans and cook a shoulder of lamb. Hope you enjoy it.

Hello. I’m going to show you how to cook a shoulder of lamb which is very easy to cook and prepare. I’m just going to slice the shoulder like that, a little bit of olive oil, it’s quite oily anyway or fatty, I should say, because of the skin. I’m going to pour a tiny little bit of water in here, probably about a quarter of an inch, and then I’m just going to cover it like this and this will cook for about two hours on 140. So we’re going to get that in now and we’ll have another look at it in a couple of hours time, so in the oven that goes.

Right, let’s have a quick look at that. Ooh. Very happy with that. So what we’re going to do is let that rest for a few minutes and then we’ll just be able to pull the meat off the bones. It’s going to be absolutely fantastic.

In the meantime what we’re going to do is work with these beans. I wanted to make baked beans but I couldn’t get haricots, which is what you would normally do, so I got the next best thing, which is cannelloni, and what you need to do is just cover them with water and soak them overnight. So, obviously, I’ve pre-soaked these ones. If you want to speed up the process, if you add a bit of a tablespoon of, teaspoon, of bicarbonate of soda that does normally speed the process up. Those are going to go back into this bowl and what will then happen is we’re going to cook those in a tomato sauce.

We’re going to fry up some onion and garlic and then we’re going to add some blitzed tomatoes. Going to mix those up. I’m not going to use all of these beans because I don’t need to but I’m going to put in a reasonable handful. Now what you have to do is just wait, in this case, probably 40-odd minutes and then what you also have to do is just taste them and when they’re nice and soft, that’s when they’re ready. And also you want the tomato sauce to be nice and thick as well.

The beans are lovely, they’re ready and actually those took about 45 minutes. In theory what you can do is cook the chorizo in the stew and I only thought about putting it in last minute, so I’m actually just going to cook these off in a pan. So those will go in and I’ve got that on a relatively low heat. So we’ve got the beans, the chorizo and now we’ve got our lamb here. As you can see this is looking pretty good. Just coming off the bone there.

So now the fun bit, everything comes together beautifully. We’ve got our baked beans here. I’m very happy with those, great. We’re going to put our chorizo in. Sorry that you can’t have smellovision, but it really does smell delicious. Do those in little concentric circles like so and then, finally, we’ve got our lamb.

Then I’m just going to finish it off with some micro herb, in this case red araminth, and a tiny drop of olive oil. What you now have is slow-cooked, or pulled, shoulder of lamb with homemade baked beans and chorizo. Hope you enjoy it.

Next time we’re going to do risotto. A lot of people don’t know how to do that. Very, very simple so hopefully you’ll give it a go. Thanks for watching now and I hope to see you soon.