Poached Egg Recipe with Asparagus & Hollandaise Sauce

A great little recipe for a lovely tasty sauce.

Asparagus with Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce

1 whole egg

1 tspn red wine vinegar

1 bunch of asparagus

3 egg Yolks

150g Butter


Lemon Juice to taste

  1. First prep and cook the Asparagus. Snap the stork, retain the top half (you can use the base for a soup) and peel the base (of the top) with a potato peeler. Place in boiling water for 2 minutes, drain and run under a cold top briefly to halt cooking; set a side.
  2. Crack egg into a cup, place the vinegar into gently simmering water and then tip in egg. Fish out egg with slotted spoon after 2 minutes and place in cold water.
  3. Now make the Hollandaise sauce. Wisk the egg yolks, add 15g of the butter and place over a pan of simmering water. Continue to whisk until the egg mix begins to thicken, and then add the rest of the butter in stages. Don’t allow the eggs to over heat otherwise they’ll scramble!
  4. Add a few tablespoons of lemon juice, taste, and add more if you think the sauce needs it. Finally add the seasoning.
  5. Place Asparagus as the base of the dish; pat the egg dry and place on top of the Asparagus and then add the hot Hollandasie sauce.