People Just do Nothing

I have a confession to make; on Monday I did nothing.

I stayed at home and ironically watched 4 episodes of a new show on BBC 3 iPlayer called People Just Do Nothing. It’s all about two guys who run a garage music pirate radio station from a high-rise council flat in Brentford. Watch it, you’ll like it!

Tuesday was much better; Mike Denman head chef from Plum & Split Milk came in and we worked on a number of new dish’s including fillet of red mullet with leeks and garlic mayo.

The sliced leek and baby leeks were sweated off in a pan with butter. The baby leek was then set aside; the chopped leek was dressed with olive oil, white wine vinegar and dill. For the mayo we combined the egg yolk with a little mustard, garlic paste, lemon juice and chervil, adding drops of vegetable oil until emulsified. The red mullet fillets were pan fried and laid on top of the chopped leeks. The dish was topped with the baby leek, a quenelle of the mayo, lemon juice seasoning and a dash of extra virgin Olive Oil.

In the last few days England were whitewashed by the All Blacks, done over by Sri Lanka in the cricket, and sent home early from Brazil. With Rebecca Brooks cleared of any wrongdoing in the phone hacking trial, it would appear that people just doing nothing is a virus that’s spread from our nations sports stars, and right through to the justice system.

Fillet of Red Mullet Leeks & Garlic Mayonnaise

1xRed Mullet filleted
1 Leek sliced
2 Baby leeks
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
1 tspn chopped Dill
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For the Meyo: 1x egg yolk, vegetable oil, Dijon Mustard, 1 Clove Garlic made into a paste, 1 x tspn lemon juice, chopped Chervil