Mushrooms on Toast – Underground Cookery School Style

Hi, and welcome to episode two of the Underground Cookery School video cast. What we’re going to do today is a very simple mushrooms on toast, but make it, you know, present very nicely. We’re then going to do the prize draw for those of you that were good enough to leave a review either on Facebook or Gmail. And keep your suggestions coming through for things that you like. I’ve really appreciated the feedback that we’ve had so far. I keep saying it, but I want this show to be driven by what you guys want. So please feel free to let me know exactly what sort of things you want to see in this and how often you want to.

Hi there, I’ve got a very simple recipe. I picked these Mousseron mushrooms over the weekend, and I thought, you know, I’ve got to do something with them. So rather than just cooking them up and putting them on a plate, I think this will make a really nice starter.

I’ve just got a normal piece of white bread and a pastry ring, and I’m just going to cut around it. If you don’t have one of these, then you can use a saucer or ramekin, anything. It’s just to give you an idea, and I’m going to cook that on the griddle. When you do cook on a griddle, never put fat or oil on there, because it will simply just end up going up there. This has been on for about 5 or 6 minutes, so it’s really hot, and I’m just going to turn it about 90 degrees, just to give it that lattice. And then we’re going to go back there and over again, like that, and then again about 90 degrees, like that. I can just set that aside on a rack. There we go.

The next job are the mushrooms. So I’ve just got my pan on the go there. I’ve got some butter. I’m just going to take a little bit out, a knob of that, and that goes in the pan. Now whilst that cooking down, let me talk to you about these mushrooms. I found some, we got some Ceps, but we’ve also got these Mousseron, and the best way is . . . I don’t like washing them, because I think mushrooms absorb everything, and actually that’s going to hold some resonance in a minute. You’ll see what I mean. So just gently brushing them, I think, works particularly well.

Going to cut these down to a size that I like, and whilst that’s happening, the butter in the pan is doing its stuff. Here we go. I’m just going to . .
. right, now that butter’s melted. So what I’m going to do is just throw all of these mushrooms into the pan, like so. I’m just going to let those cook down. One of the things that you’ll find is that the mushrooms absorb all the butter, and the temptation is then to throw more butter on, because you think there’s no more butter. But actually what you’ll find happen is that the mushrooms will then release the butter back into the pan. So don’t be tempted to add more fat than you need to. You can just then give them a little bit of a tops. You can use . . . there we go. I’ve got some thyme here, so I’m just going to add that.

You could cook it up with a little butter if you like, but actually . . .
sorry, garlic is what I meant, but I’m going to do it another way. I’m just going to . . . I’ve got some garlic here, and I’m just going to rub this into that little bread disk that I made earlier on, and that’s going to sort of give it a nice garlic infusion, and it’s not going to make it too garlicky. This is obviously a traditional way of making bruschetta. So that will have a nice, sort of aromatic garlicky flavor to it.

Now these are going to cook down for about another three of four minutes. You won’t see that because it’s not that interesting. But what we’ll do is once those are finished, we’ll then just finish the dish off with a nice bit of rocket to make it look pretty.

Okay, so those are nicely cooked up now. If you just have a quick look at those. They’re still quite big, so I’m just going to shred them a little bit. And I have a little confession to make. Whilst we were off camera, I did another disk because I thought two layers might look more impressive. So I’m just going to roughly chop those, like so. Then I get my dish. I’ve got the first bruschetta there, and then the mushrooms are going to go on top, like that. Now obviously you can add all sorts of fun things in there, roasted tomatoes, you can cook them off with garlic. But the idea is really just to, you know, it’s a nice seasonal dish. And then I’m just going to add a little bit of rocket to that. Here we go, a little bit of olive oil. Oops. See, live cooking, just to show that we don’t edit all of this out. Right, a little bit of, you can dress the rocket how you wish. A bit of balsamic vinegar might be quite nice, just to add to the nuttiness of the mushroom, a little bit of that on there, and then we’ll dress with olive oil. And there you have mushrooms on toast.

So here we go. I’m just going to show you that there are lots of names in here, so I’m not cheating. And the winner, who left a very nice review on either Facebook or Google, is Sophia DeMartino. So thank you very much, Sophia DeMartino.

Next week we’ll be doing a very nice Ratatouille dish, with sort of roasted vegetables. Thank you for watching. See you soon.