Lamb with Spinach and Spring Onions – Video Recipe

Hi there. I’m Matt from the Underground Cookery School. Lovely spring dish
for you. We’ve got rump end of lamb with spinach and spring onions. You’re
going to love it.

I’ve got such a lovely dish for spring. Very light even though
it’s lamb. I’m going to show you how to bone out the back side of a lamb,
the chump end. Then we’re going to cook it off and serve it with some
spinach, which is in season, and obviously spring onions.

So the first job is just to get the fillet off here. I’m only going to do
one side otherwise it will take forever, but you can get this cut. You can
order it from he butcher and if you do so you know there’s quite a lot that
isn’t fillet, which you’ll see in a minute, that you can then use in sort
of stews and curries and you can also make a stock out of the bone.

It’s the same sort of basic principle as chicken. If you know how to bone
out a chicken then you’ve got two meals and the bones to make a stock. I’m
just going to use the tip of the knife just to peel away the fillet. Always
working as close to the bone as I possibly can and then that just kind of
peels off. So that’s going to come off. There we go. As you can see there’s
quite a lot of meat still in there and that I’m going to trim down later.
I’ll make a burger with it, you know, plenty to do. And then you’ve got the
nice fillet there. I mean that will actually feed me only, but a lot of
people can get two out of that.

Little bit of olive oil, just a little bit of black pepper and salt and
that’s going to go in the oven on about 160 degrees for about 35 minutes.
Then once it comes out the oven what you need to do is let it rest, because
it carries on cooking. Then we can finish it off and present the dish maybe
ten minutes later. So in the oven it goes.

I’m going to let that rest for probably five or six minutes. I say this
every time but it’s very hot, if it’s cooked all the way through it’s going
to be round about 75 degrees maybe even 80, it’s going to carry on being
hot. So by letting it cook out of the oven it just tenderises it. Never
serve meat when it comes straight out of the oven because it’s far too
tough. I’m going to show you how to cook spinach because it’s bang in
season and it’s absolutely delicious if it’s cooked this way.

Little olive oil in the pan and I’m going to put some butter in as well
just to give it an extra bit of depth of flavour and I’ve got two things
which I’m going to add first, some chopped garlic and some chili. Just give
that a little bit of a toss. Whilst that’s cooking off, we’re going to fry
off the spinach but I just want to tell you a little bit about it, when you
peel the spinach off the bark give it a good wash because it’s always quite
sandy. So you just take those off. You end up with a load of leaves and
actually what I’m going to do, a lot of spinach doesn’t go very far. It
shrinks quite dramatically during the cooking process and it needs a little
bit of love and nurturing and I’ve got some spring onions so I’m going to
add those as well, you know, because it’s a spring dish.

So I’m going to keep that turning and once those leaves have completely
wilted down what I’m going to do is just press out the juices in here by
which time the meat will be ready to carve and then we’ll plate the dish
out. See, I just think this smells of spring it’s just great. You get so
fed up at the end of a season and you can’t wait for new stuff to come in
and now here it is and it’s just great. So actually it’s cooked down quite
well so there’s very little juice in there. So I’m just going to leave that
there for the moment, just carve up the lamb. I mean that’s got quite a
nice bounce to it. When you do carve meat if you can always try and cook on
the angle. It just looks a bit more professional when you present. This is
just quite a light dish. So there’s no heavy sauce to it. I’m just going to
dress it with a little bit of pan juice which I think will go quite nicely,
but you’ve got this lovely spring onion and spinach salad. So that forms
the base and then you can just sort of put that on there.

I think I’m only going to do that as a portion and then finally I’m just
going to lightly dress with those pan juices and I think that’s absolutely
delicious. So there you have, rump of lamb with a salad of spinach and
spring onions with chili and garlic. Enjoy. Thank you for watching.

It’s competition time now. Someone’s going to win a pasta machine for free.
I’m going to send it to them. People left a review on either Facebook or
Google having come down here giving us their e-mail address and their name
goes into the hat and this week it is Tanya Refson [sounds like 05:37]. So
congratulations Tanya. A pasta machine is working its way over to you.

Next time do watch because I’m going to show you how to make a beautiful
dressed crab and then we’re going to dress it. So I’m going to show you how
to do a mayonnaise and we’re going to do it with spring onion and chili,
nice spring dish.

So look out for that and thank you for watching. I hope you tune in soon.