Grouse with Savoy Cabbage – Video Recipe

Hi there. Thanks for tuning in. I’m going to show you how to cook a savoy cabbage and do grouse as well. And give it a little bit of a twist, make it a bit more interesting with some lardons.

We’re going to do grouse. And I thought I would use that as an excuse to show you how to dice an onion properly. And also to cook cabbage, which we’ve all had it at school and didn’t particularly like. But actually it’s really lovely if it’s cooked properly.

So I’m going to do this onion dicing thing, and I’m going to try and do it as slowly as I can so that you can really see how it works. This bit is going to hold everything together. I’m just going to take the tip off. So the root’s quite integral. And what I’m going to do is just slice, if you can see that, all the way down, trying to keep it as equal as I possibly can, going all the way along like so. And then I’ll go horizontally. It’s always good to have a sharp knife for this. This knife could be a little sharper, but bad workman and all of that. Final thing is just going over the top. And if you tilt the angle of the knife, then you get relatively even dice.

So what I’m going to do now is with this, start doing the cabbage. So I’ve got a drop of olive oil just to get things going. So the onions have now gone in. I’m going to get that garlic and oil in at the same time. The diced chili. And then I’ll start frying off the much harder outer leaves of the savoy cabbage. Now that’s going to cook down for probably about another two minutes, and then I’m going to add the softer leaves. And I’ve got a bit of stock over there as well.

Right. We’ll stick the lid on that. That can look after itself. And I’m just going to prepare the grouse. I’m just going to put a little seasoning in there. So a pinch of black pepper and rock salt. Probably do with just chopping these up a bit. I like putting lots of garlic in because then that lovely sort of aromatic, garlic-y flavor sort of penetrates the flesh and you can really taste it. So those can go in. I think we’re going to use a bit of thyme. You know, any woody herb is good. Rosemary also works quite well. I’m just going to leave it and put this on. So that will do. I think stick that on a tray, and I’m going to roast that off for about 25 minutes on 160. So in it goes.

Now I took the grouse out the oven and I let it rest for about nine or ten minutes. And I’m just going to take off the pancetta that we used. I’m going to take off the legs first. If you ever do poultry, always try and take those off. In fact, I’m going to crown it here, which means take it off the main carcass. Set that aside. And I’m just going to work as close to the bone. Work down the wishbone. There we go. Let’s get that off. This is absolutely perfect. That’s our cabbage. We’re going to plate up now.

The cabbage looks fantastic. So let’s get that in there. Let’s just chop this up and then we can kind of have that as sort of lardons in your savoy cabbage. And then we put the grouse on top. And then finally we can garnish it with the very syrupy juices in the cabbage.

So there you have grouse with savoy cabbage. Enjoy!