Gluten free fresh Tagliatelle with white truffle oil, enoki mushrooms and cepe

Serves 4

For the enoki: 80g enoki mushrooms. Vegetable oil.

Shallow fry the enoki mushrooms in some veg oil over a high heat until golden and crispy, drain on kitchen paper. 

For the garnish:  Cepe powder.  85g freshly grated parmesan.  4 tablespoons of finely chopped chives.

For the tagliatelle:  150g gluten free rice flour.  50g potato starch.  2 tablespoon corn flour.  2 teaspoons xanthan gum.  Large pinch of salt. 1 tablespoon olive oil.  3 large eggs. Extra gluten free flour for rolling.  3 tablespoons white truffle oil.  2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Maldon sea salt and pepper.

In a small mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients well. Make a well in the centre of the bowl, add the eggs and olive oil. Using a fork scramble the eggs, then rapidly start to combine the eggs and dry ingredients. When the dough resembles breadcrumbs, squeeze a handful together to see if it holds. If it holds a soft play dough like consistency it’s ready for the next stage, if it is dry and difficult to combine, add a little more water. The texture of the dough should be the texture of a stress ball, and be dry enough that is doesn’t stick to itself too easily. Allow to rest for a few minutes before rolling. 

Using a pasta machine make sure the thickness setting is on highest and should be No.10 on most machines. Now roll the dough through each setting until you get down to No 2 1/2 or 2, dusting with flour when needed. Your pasta should be very thin now. You can now cut your pasta into the shape of your choice. If you have a tagliatelle cutter feed the thin sheet of pasta through it and lay the pasta on a tray lined with baking paper, dust with flour.

Place the 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil and truffle oil in a large mixing bowl, and season lightly. Blanch pasta in salted water for 2 /3 minutes or until cooked and slightly firm to the bite. Drain and then toss in the bowl. Place in serving dishes, top with parmesan, enoki, chives, and finally with cepe powder. Serve straight away.