GIVE 2015

This weekend I needed to unwind, so took off for The GIVE Festival located amongst resplendent grounds deep in Leicestershire’s Stanford Hall.

On arrival, having already broken two tents, the celestial Antonia lent me her spare, and once my housing was arranged, I skipped up to the entertainments latitude, whilst adhering to the pink fancy dress code. As it happens my old prep school uniform was pink, so a trip to the outfitters close to where I live earlier in the week was just the ticket. With some handy work using scissors to convert head chef black trousers to shorts, I was on my way to Wallyworld.

Organizers had laid on three tents of recreational wingding in the form of deep house music. My friends and I dubbed the hard house pavilion Barry, the light house big top Doris, although we never found the chill out yurt. Throughout the night, the minute a DJ slipped up we just legged it to the other tent until the plug was pulled at about 4am; the chicanery continued until 7am in the canvass loaned to us earlier.

As Heskith racing is no more, I enjoyed the new version of “Breakfast of Champions”, a Bloody Mary, mixed and served by the lovely Fiona. The recipe is quite simple and as follows:

Take the tomato juice and mix with a large shot of vodka, the lemon juice, Worcester sauce, Tabasco, grated horseradish, and vinegar. Pour into a glass with 2 ice cubes, and serve with a stick of celery.

Proceedings continued until late into Sunday evening, although my over enthusiasm the night before meant I sent myself home on early exeat. I’m told by those that remained, that this was most definitely a schoolboy error.

Bloody Mary for two

300ml of tomato juice
2 large shots of vodka
Juice of 1 lemon
10 drops of Worcester sauce
10 drops of Tabasco,
1/2 tspn of grated horseradish
1/2 tspn vinegar.
6 ice cubes
2 small sticks of celery.