Five Guys, One Burger

Last week was notable for two things. Firstly King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicated. As kings go he was pretty popular, more so than perhaps Don, Larry, Ben E and definitely Jonathan; I wonder if he was more popular than Burger?

That reminds me of the second notable thing. My daughter said Daddy I want to have dinner with “Five Guys”! My first reaction: could she be referring to One Direction, and if so it occurred to me that I’ve already used up a favour from the only person I know in showbiz by getting Glastonbury tickets.

Daughter was of course referring to the amazing meat sandwich franchise, Five Guys, with units in both Islington and Covent Garden. The burgers are as good as any “Shoreditch pop-up” and they come wrapped in tin foil for extra authenticity; go you’ll love it!

As we left daughter said, “Daddy, I love having five guys in me”; I’m hoping that’s the last time I’ll hear that phrase from her.