Fillet of Venison with Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Spinach and deep fried cress

Broccoli is pretty dull, but at the moment there’s an amazing crop of English purple and it tastes amazing in the way that people bang on about produce in Italy. British spinach and cress are also pretty tasty so I decided to combine all three for a truly British seasonal lunch today, with a lovely venison steak.

Garlic and diced chilli was fried off in a pan with olive oil and the spinach added until cooked; after squeezing out all the liquid it was set a side. The broccoli was boiled for 30 seconds, and the cress dusted in flour and deep-fried.

I was in Smithfield early today so bought venison steaks, and simply fried them off in a pan for 90 seconds each side; I added half a glass of red wine and then chicken stock to the pan reducing down until happy; the accompanying photo was the result!

Regular readers will be aware that I’m re-introducing my once every three week video recipe and I’ve just seen the first edit of the first episode which I’m hoping will be ready next week, watch this space.