End Of Season Lobster

Summer is over, finished, and more gone then a Betamax version of “Gone With The Wind”borrowed from Ken Clarke whist visiting him at Gonville and Caius College Cambridge, or perhaps even more gone then this country’s chance to stand up to any nation that uses chemical weapons against innocent people.

In spite of the loss of imperial pretention, I still thought we needed a fitting conclusion to an otherwise fine quarter, so this week I cooked lobster with runner beans, griddled aubergines, and my version of a chipped fondant potato.

The runner beans were par boiled and then fried in diced garlic and chilli; the potatoes were sliced, par boiled, placed in a bowl, covered in olive oil and then positioned individually, slice by slice direct onto on an oven rack and cooked for 30 minutes each side at 140oC. The lobster was boiled, shelled, and everything was dressed in a garlic/chilli olive oil.

Keeping things positive I noticed The Duchess Of Cambridge is back in skinny jeans so it’s not all bad news, it may be a while before rebel Cabinet Minister Ken Clark fits into his; the porky politician failed to turn up for work on Thursday. Autumn beckons and not just for the Minister without portfolio’s front bench career.