Breastfeeding in Claridge’s…

Mothers have staged a public breastfeed outside Claridge’s, in protest against a woman being told to cover-up while feeding in the hotel’s restaurant. I’d like to know how old the child in question was, and what the cut off should be………..perhaps 14? It is Claridge’s after all.

Having seen the battle weary mummies camped out in the cold, which can’t be great for the children they claim to care about so much, I wanted to suggest a baby milk hot chocolate as this weeks recipe.

All the MWBINLF’s have to do is mix together the Horlicks, corn flour, icing sugar, cocoa and chocolate. They’d then heat up the milk and spoon in 10-heaped tablespoons of the chocolate mix and stir until evenly combined.

It’s difficult to understand what all the fuss it about, although as a man I do empathise to an extent, as I have to charge my iPhone 5S into my BMW 320i, which is kind of the same thing isn’t it?

Hot Chocolate Recipe

1/2 pint of breast milk
11/2 pints full fat milk
2 tbsp Horlicks
2 tbsp corn flour
3 tbsp icing sugar
4 tbsp cocoa
100g 70% cocoa solids Valrhona chocolate finely grated