50 Chefs Meat

On Monday we were delighted to welcome John Cadieux, group executive chef at Goodman/Burger and Lobster who was promoting Beef and Pork from The United States to some of London’s top head chef’s from restaurants that included Hawksmoor, Zuma and The Wolseley.


John knows more about US meat then Gary Barlow does at dodging the taxman, and during the session he ran through the numerous differences between UK and US butchery, husbandry, cuts and grading.


He also introduced us to Bovine Myology, an amazing website where one can click on any part of a rotating 3D beef carcass, and is then rewarded with a cross-section of the joint along with more information about that part of the cow then a German dishwasher operating manual.


The lovely folk over at Sauce Communications organised this meat extravaganza, and were responsible for effortlessly packing over 50 people into the cookery school.

To round the day off perfectly, each attendee was sent away with more steaks then an abattoir’s workbench.