Scrambled Eggs with Truffle



Years ago, long before the M3 was built, I spent many a school holiday being driven down to Bournemouth visiting grandparents.


It wasn’t miles upon miles of traffic on the opposite side of the carriageway that I used to find disquieting, rather those that were driving towards it, blissfully unaware of their impending jeopardy, a bit like last week when I went to see aristo rock technicians The Egg. The gig originally to be staged in Camden, was moved to Shoreditch, a part of town so rakish, one feels a fool walking through it without a beard and ironic British Airways flight shoulder bag.


I’ve not seen the quartet for about 20 years, although they caught me by surprise tearing through their set with the intensity of a storm that’s just been given a biblical boys name before it wreaks havoc on a British costal town.


Even more astonishing was that the after-party continued well into the following afternoon, leaving me fried, poached, and boiled.


As a chapeau to the electronic neo-psychedelic four piece, this week’s recipe is scrambled eggs with white truffle shavings, a nuance of simplicity and style that befits a very good band well worth seeing.


Add the unsalted butter to a saucepan, and when melted pour in the beaten egg. Stir with a wooden spoon over a gentle flame until cooked; season off heat and plate up, shaving the white truffle before serving.



Scrambled eggs with white truffle shavings


20g unsalted butter

3 free range organic eggs, beaten

Salt and pepper

1 x small white truffle