Bourbon & Honey Sazerac Cocktail

With a week of Christmas parties under our belt at The Underground Cookery School, I decided to let my own hair down by taking four mates to The House of Honey Christmas Party, where attendees were asked to come dressed as bugs.


I thought it might be fun to go as The Beatles, although the more sensible of the group pointed out the impracticality of raving in wigs and suits; we ended up going as bees and rinsing with west London’s finest knucklehead termites.


Drink of choice for the night was Bourbon and Honey Sazerac, cocktails made by mixing absinthe, honey, water, bourbon whiskey, bitters and lemon peel together. It’s best served in a short glass with ice and a slice of lemon.


It took a while for the music to get going and at times it was like waiting for a bus, until Colin Dale and then appropriately Ben the Bee hit the decks, and buzzed through a set with the intensity of a Bombus Terrestris during pollination. The numskull arachnids on the dance floor created their own allogamy as the night descended under a mire of coppice and boscage.


On the way out we spotted a group rather the worse for wear dressed as the fab four, by the looks of things it had been “A Hard days Night”.


Ingredients Bourbon and Honey Sazerac Cocktail

Serves 2


1/2 oz. absinthe

1 tsp. honey

1 tsp. water

3 oz. bourbon Whiskey

6 dashes bitters

Lemon peel