Whiskey Ice Cream

So GB won the Davis cup, or should I say Scotland. I wonder if anyone from Northern Ireland is allowed to play for the team if it’s called GB?


In 1997 we lost 4-1 to Zimbabwe when Davis Cup tennis was about as popular as shopping on Black Friday. The last time we won the tournament was in 1934 when Black Friday was probably when one had their chimney swept.


As a tribute to Scotland’s pair of rather tall aces, we raise a wee dram and dedicate this whiskey Ice cream recipe to the jocks.


Place the whiskey in a pan on a strong heat and reduce down to six tablespoons. Add the milk and set aside. Now whisk together the yolks and sugar, add to the cooled milk mixture and cook down on a gentle flame until the texture coats the back of a spoon. Add the cream and pour into an ice-cream machine, churning until set. Pour into a container and freeze until you have the desired consistency.


Black Friday may have been a high street flop, but I’ll bet the Murray brothers will be welcomed in any shop this Christmas, except perhaps M&S where staff are concerned they’ll end up returning everything.


Serves 6



Whiskey Ice Cream


400 ml whiskey

1 pint of milk

6 vanilla pods

6 yolks

130g caster sugar