Virtual Cookery Team Building

It’s never been more important to communicate with your team given the current Public Health Pandemic, and with social distancing restrictions we’ve responded by offering customers a virtual cookery team building event.

How It Works

Either we’ll send a box of ingredients to all attending, or attendees will be required to purchase a few ingredients from a short list. We’ve focussed on simple recipes with easy to buy items.

Details of your virtual team building event will be provided in good time.

The virtual team building activity is lead by the Underground Cookery School lasting approximately 60 minutes on Zoom; by the end of it, all should have a cooked a “delicious ready to eat” main-course meal, with all dietary requirements taken into account.

You’ll then have plenty of time to enjoy your meal, have a few drinks, and catch up with your team.

What Does It Cost?

We have one experienced chef leading each group of up to 15 people:

1-15 people :  £375.00 + VAT
16-30 people : £450.00 + VAT
30-45 people : £600.00 + VAT
46-60 people : £750.00 + VAT
60-75 people : £900.00 + VAT

Individual box’s of ingredients sent to participants address’s start from £49.00 + VAT per head in addition to the above group rates (minimum for this service is 15pax, or a minimum spend of £735.00+VAT anywhere in England, Cardiff, Glasgow and Edinburgh).

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The Menu

The first two dishes on the menu are available to those wishing to send ingredients hampers to participants and are:

Risotto of Chicken with Cavolo Nero

Risotto of Butternut Squash with Cavolo Nero

All dishes below are available to those running sessions where guests are required to purchase their own ingredients, and are as follows:

Pan fried chicken, light curry sauce, greatest ever crispy roast potatoes and spinach

Tofu cakes, light curry sauce, greatest ever crispy roast potatoes and spinach


Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza (Gluten Free)


Fresh Pappardelle with sausage and tomato ragu

Fresh Gluten Free Pappardelle with vegetarian sausage and tomato ragu 

Learn new skills, impress your colleagues and join together in a fun and truly unique experience.

  • Finally learn the secret of the best ever roast potatoes.
  • Learn the basics of how to make the perfect curry.
  • Learn essential knife skills that include dicing an onion.
  • Learn the basics of bread-making and how to make a tomato Pomodoro.

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