Two Fried Eggs

In the week the big chill wrapped it’s jaws around Britain, News International decided to reveal that the hottest part of The Sun would no longer be page 3.

Apparently the red top rag wants to keep more up to date with the pulse of the nation and wish’s to replace tabloid titillation with women who make more of a contribution to society.

If you think the idea no yolk then to make up for it, try this classic sunny side up recipe for breakfast by heating a knob of butter in a pan, and when melted add two eggs; remove when the whites are cooked through and add sauce of your own.

One person I’ll not be nominating to appear on the revamped page is Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, who yesterday on Sunday Politics suggested her party’s manifesto included relaxing border controls, not making it a crime to join ISIS, shrinking the army, scrapping Trident, and giving everyone in the country an allowance of £72 per week, creating a £277 billion budget shortfall.

When they say Green Party do they mean eco-friendly party, inexperienced party, or not worthy of appearing in any paper on any page party?


Fried Eggs, serves 1

1 knob of butter
2 eggs