Tina's Orange and Almond Cake

What a weekend; the Lions annihilated the Aussie’s, Froomey leads the tour and the scot with the manmummy won the tennis. Role on Wednesday and the ashes.

Last week I was mouthing off about a lovely butter-less Orange and Almond cake that my friend Tina made; I couldn’t claim it as my own by was allowed the recipe to blog for you!

Apparently she washed 2 oranges and then boiled them for about 2 hours topping up the water as she went along. They were then quartered and blitzed once the pips had been taken out. 6 eggs were beaten and mixed together with 250g of ground almonds, 250g caster sugar, and 1 tsp baking powder. The whole thing was then baked for 190oC for about an hour. It was so delicious I had to her round for a bbq to say thanks; you can read all about what we got up to later on this week!
Orange Cake