Sweet Corn Alabama

On Saturday I took my daughter to the fun fair. As she raced to the entrance, waiting for me to catch-up I wondered what it must feel like to get so excited about gypsies with poor dental hygiene; I didn’t have to wait long as later on that evening I went to The 02 to see the roast beef and gravy of Rock, Iron Maiden. It felt like I’d experienced all the fun bits of a man going to war, but without actually having to go to war….. up the Irons.

The only cure for my Heavy Metal hangover on Sunday was a flame-licked feast from my very own devil’s kitchen, the Barbecue. I created an altogether lighter more MOR dish of Sweet corn Alabama. Having placed four kobs into a pan with water I then brought them to the boil and set a side. I then poured a cup of Cider into another pan with three tablespoons of sugar and reduced down to a caramel. The Corn was painted with the caramel, finished off on the BBQ with some sausages/glazed ribs and I have to say, kept my Big Wheel turning for the rest of the day. This recipe could also work for Fennel.