Slow cooked ox tongue and beetroot, with cress

Have you been to Kings Cross recently? If you went in the 90’s it was a great place to score, have casual sex and go raving, sometimes all at once, although they’ve cleaned it up since St Pancras became a European terminus.

Behind the amazing Great Northern Hotel, itself the subject of a makeover, are some old grain stores which house the very lively Caravan restaurant
specialising in small tapas dishes for sharing.

One that really caught my eye was ox tongue that had been boiled for about an hour, peeled, cut into thumb-nail pieces whilst raw beetroot were skinned, boiled in chicken stock and again cut into similar sized chunks. The stock was reduced to a syrup whilst the other ingredients were pan fried. Finally the dish was dressed with the reduction, seasoned, and garnished with cress.

The area has still managed to keep its edge in spite of the revamp, and walking out of this fantastic eatery I half expected to see the ex Co-op bank Chairman “shaking hands with the Mayor of Toronto on platform 2”. It may have been redeveloped but don’t worry, it’s still Kings Cross.

Slow cooked ox tongue and beetroot, with cress


Serves 2

1 ib Ox Tongue
2 large Beetroot
1L Chicken Stock
Salt and cracked pepper
Cress and extra virgin olive oil to garnish