Samphire with Red Mullet – Video Recipe

I have a lovely dish for you this week. We’ll be doing samphire, which has just come in, a lovely summer dish with red mullet. Hope you enjoy it.

This dish is really about this stuff, samphire. I’m going to show you how to cook it off but before we do that, I’ve already gutted and scaled this red mullet. And what I’m going to do now is take the fillets off. Take that one off. One fillet, and the second one. Just got to work along the contours on either side like so, and have a very sharp, flexible knife if you’re doing fish and you can’t go wrong. When you get to that part, try to use the heel of the knife to get more purchase on it. Then you can take the second fillet off. You can take out the rib cage, like so. We’ll do that with this one too. When you run your finger down here, there will be seven or eight bones, seven or eight of them that need to be removed. So we’re going to do that right away, like so.

Right, those are nicely prepped. So I’m just going to rub a little bit of olive oil to both sides. Those are going to go in that oven for probably about six or seven minutes. You can actually pan fry them. These are going to go in.

I’m actually going to use vegetable oil, not olive oil. Vegetable oil burns at a much higher temperature. You can also use a bit of butter for this. I’m going to put some of that in, too. Then let’s just turn the temperature up so that’s really sizzling. In goes the garlic, like that, lovely. Give it a bit of a shake. Samphire goes in. We’ve got our lemon. This is literally all you have to do. At this time of the year it’s just coming in, it goes with everything, really.

Let me take those red mullets out of the oven. And I think what we’ll do is plate up now. So that samphire is just butter, a little bit of vegetable oil, no salt, plenty of garlic. Then over here, we’ve got these lovely fillets of red mullet, beautifully cooked. . . I mean that, to me, says early summer. A little bit of olive oil and finally a squeeze of lemon juice.

So there you have samphire and a fillet of red mullet. Enjoy your summer.

Thanks for watching. As regular viewers will know, anyone that leaves a nice review on either Facebook or Google gets their name put in a bowl and will win a free pasta machine. And the winner this week is Paul Wooding. So congratulations Paul.

Do tune in to the next video where I will be showing you how to make an asparagus and Gruyere cheese souffle.