Salad of raw celeriac, asparagus, spring onion cress and sea bass

Happy Mondays star Bez is running for MP. Really…. I’m not twisting your melon man, he kicked off his campaign on Sunday Politics telling Andrew Neil about his plans to fight for the Salford and Eccles seat on an anti-fracking ticket.

It sounds like Manchester’s biggest party animal is finally gunning for a healthier society and in celebration, this week’s recipe is a raw vegetable salad.

A raw celeriac was peeled and cut into strips with some raw new season English Asparagus again cut into strips. Both were dressed with lemon juice, olive oil and Dijon Mustard. Spring onion and cress were added, and all topped with pan fried fillet of sea bass.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner and freaky dancer is incoherent when speaking and has policies he’s unable to back up, so he should fit into the political world quite well.

¼ Raw Celeriac
5 asparagus spears
1 tub cress
3 spring onions
1x 200g Sea Bass filleted and pan fried

For the dressing: Olive Oil, mustard and lemon juice with a little seasoning to taste