Raspberry Jelly

I noticed David Cameron escaped London for Lanzarote and was stung by a Jellyfish so probably not the first time he’s been attacked by someone without a backbone; he might just as well have stayed at home.

At the cookery school we celebrated with a little Easter Jelly of our own.

2 pints of water were added to 5 tablespoons of raspberry cordial and brought to the boil. 7 gelatine leaves were added. Fresh Raspberrys were placed in 4 small glasses with the liquid (cooled) poured on top. They were then left to set in the fridge.

David Moyes the Manchester United manager is probably also thinking he should have stayed at home after his sacking. Ryan Giggs is looking after things in a caretaker capacity until the club appoint a full time manager. Apparently the 37-year-old player has ruled himself out of the job permanently as he wants to spend more time with his brother’s family.Apparently Moyes has already got a new job with SKY; he’ll be installing his first dish on Thursday in Teddington.

Raspberry Jelly

Serves 4

2 pints water
5 tablespoons Raspberry Cordial
7 gelatine leaves
120g fresh raspberries