Pass the Bucket

Throwing cold water over a good idea might be frowned upon, but enough with this chucking chilled buckets of splash on each other as a masquerade for social conscience; at least nominate friends to do something properly traumatic like buying school shoes and uniform from John Lewis the weekend before term resumes.

As the new semester commences and the temperature cools, try chucking a raspberry sorbet under Sirs chair in the name of philanthropy, and seek sponsorship from the college bursar and fellow pupils in the name of a bountiful cause.

The frozen treat is made by heating water and sugar together, whist in a separate operation, blending raspberries with lemon juice, passing through a sieve and discarding the bulk. Both are combined with an egg white, and then churned in an ice cream machine until set. The Sorbet is transferred to the freezer for at least two hours before serving.

I nominate Douglas Carswell former Conservative MP for Clacton on Sea to take the Challenge, although rather then receive an arctic shower, his cask should be filled with the frosty xenophobic dogma that his new party UKIP is happy to deluge the rest of the country with.

Whilst I’m ordering people around, UKIP’s leader Nigal Farrage could be sent to the Headmistress for six of the best to raise money for charity, although on second thoughts he’d probably secretly enjoy that.


Serves 4

250g granulated sugar
400ml Water
400g raspberries
½ lemon, juice only
1 egg white