Pan fried fillet of hallbut with baby new potatoes, spring onions, purple sprouting broccoli and cress

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize less then two weeks after sending troops to seize Ukraine’s northern coast Black Sea region. As mistakes go that must surely be the girl friend equivalent of suggesting that your other half have a sleep over with Oscar Pistorius.

After a Sunkist weekend, the new season is well and truly under way; Spring is now not just confined to the South African’s legs and trigger finger, and in celebration, my lunch today embraced the green ‘shoots’ of March.

Baby new potatoes were blanched, spring onions fried off and both mixed together with fresh cress, seasoning, and a dill flavoured olive oil. The salad was topped with blanched purple sprouting broccoli and a pan-fried fillet of Halibut.

Armed troops with no insignia marched into a hospital in Simferopol yesterday making them intruders. If the 27 year old Blade Runner gets acquitted he could always get a security job working for the Crimean health service.


Serves 2

120g baby new potatoes
1 buch spring onions, sliced on the angle
1 tub fresh cress
80g Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Extra Virgin Olive oil mixed with Chopped dill
Squeeze of Lemon Juice
2x 120g tranche fresh Halibut