Kiwi Ice Cream

Disappointment is a dish best served by incompetent management. I am of course referring to England’s performance on the field of play during the Rugby World Cup. Is it just me, or does our national head coach Stuart Lancaster resemble that person who won’t leave at the end of a party, and was only invited as a plus one?


Congratulations to New Zealand who made winning look easy over the last six weeks. As a tribute to the greatest rugby team I’ve seen, this week’s recipe is Kiwi ice cream.


First peel the kiwi fruit and mash to a puree. Add 2 tablespoons of caster sugar and set a side. Now whisk the eggs, followed by 200g caster sugar, 1 pint of double cream and whisk. When the mixture has stiffened, add the kiwi fruit, transfer to an ice cream maker and churn until set.


England’s performance wasn’t the only disappointment of the world cup. I was due to go to the Australia vs. Argentina semi final last weekend. A friend had organized top-level hospitality through an investment bank and we set off to the match with animated excitement.


On the journey my friend had a rather large moan about his wife at exactly the same time that his mobile phone decided to call her, without his acquiescence; we got as far as Chiswick before realizing our world cup wing ding was over.


A quick decision, followed by cognitive discussion prevented matters from getting worse and my friend and his wife emerged stronger; the RFU, England rugby’s governing body might like to take note.



Kiwi Ice Cream


6 ripe kiwi fruit

2 tablespoons caster sugar

2 large eggs

200g caster sugar

1 pint double cream