Jam Tarts

On Friday as usual I cycled to work on a journey that takes me past the Highgate residence of supermodel Kate Moss. Outside were three very board girls looking for adventure from Italy; I know this because they were holding a sheet of A4 on which was scribbled “From Italy”; they were still there at the end of the day when I cycled back home.

Saturday night I went to a party based on the Lewis Carroll story about one bored girl who goes looking for adventure and ends up embroiled in a jam tart theft, so it seems appropriate to feature these tea time treats in this weeks blog.

First I went to International Magic on Clerkenwell road and purchased a pack of special cards. I then took out the knave and sent him off to the Waitrose in Barbican in a stripy jumper, mask and a bag with SWAG written on the side; instructions were given to acquire a six-pack of the short crust pastry pies without exchanging currency.

I’ve yet to decide if standing outside a house all day is more exciting then chasing a white rabbit down a hole and taking drugs that appear to make things seem different. I suppose the girls would argue that at least they were outdoors.

6 Jam Tarts ( go for the essential range)


1x Knave of Hearts
1x stripy jumper
1x black burglar eye mask
1x Bag with SWAG written on the side