How To Make Fried Squid

This video presents in detail the simple steps in making delectable mouth-watering deep-fried squid rings as well as some useful tips for a more enjoyable cooking experience.

You will need
Egg Yolk
Olive Oil

Hi, there. I’m Matt from the Underground Cookery School and today, I’m going to do a video cookery lesson for you. I’m going to show you how to make deep fried squid.

The first thing we need to do is just prep the squid which is very simple. You just rip the main body away from the tentacles, sometimes referred to as baby octopus. I’m just going to squeeze just above the eye – those we don’t use and I’m just going to take the ink out as well.

Over here, you’ll find a thing that looks a bit like a quill which they refer to as the quill, and that, you just pull out. These wings here can be eaten and I’m going to pull those off and you’ve got the main body of the squid here. Now, I’m just going to just pull away the excess there and what I also need to do is – and this is a way to be quite clever – is you stick your finger on the base of the squid and you got to turn it inside out.

And the reason to do that is because we’re going to turn this into rings in a minute. So, you’re just easing up a reasonably sharp knife and just take away any of the sinew. You know you don’t want any of that.

Clean it up, here we go – that we can get rid of. Now, as far as deep frying goes, it is okay to pan fry the wings but I’m actually not going to use those today. I’m only going to use the main body and the baby octopus.

The other way’s just to get the main body back like that and then cut into rings. Take the end bit off. Now, we just have nice even rings like that.

So in this case, we’ve got somewhere between four and five but obviously it depends on the size of your squid. Right, with your ring like that, in a bit of flour, in a bit of egg yolk and then in some bread crumbs, like that. Now, I’m going to repeat four times and then we’re going to fry those off.

So, we’ve now coated the various rings and the octopus or baby octopus with the flour, the egg and the breadcrumbs. And all I’m going to do now is just place those in my deep fat fryer and we’re going to fry those off at about a hundred, between 150 and 160 degrees, for about two minutes or until they’re ready. So, they’ve all now been sizzling away for about a minute and a half, actually, no more.

Just feel the texture. They feel lovely. I’m just going to drain them out onto a bit of kitchen roll.

Give them a little pat dry just to get rid some of that fat. And now, it’s just simply a question of plating out. And there you have deep-fried squid. .