Fresh gluten free ravioli with roast pumpkin and parmesan

Serves 2

  • 80g gluten free flour,
  • ½ tspn Xanthum gum,
  • 1 medium egg,
  • pinch of salt,
  • black pepper,
  • 1 egg for egg wash,
  • 1 large pumpkin,
  • thyme,
  • olive oil,
  • salt,
  • pepper,
  • parmesan,
  • roquette

First prepare the pumpkin. Using a serrated knife cut off the outer skin, cut into wedges, take away any seeds and then cut into cubes. Mix in a bowl with olive oil cracked pepper, salt and then roast in the oven for approx. 1 hour on 150oC or until cooked all the way through. Set aside.

Whilst the Pumpkin is cooking make the pasta. Place the gluten free flour, and Xanthum gum in a small bowl. Make a well into the middle and place an egg in the middle of the well. Add a pinch of salt into the mixture. Using a fork stir the egg and gradually bring in the flour a little at a time until you form a messy dough. Use your hands press the dough together and need on a clean surface for a couple of minutes until you have a smooth and firm dough. Add a little water if too dry, or extra flour if too wet.

If using a small domestic pasta machine, cut the dough into three equal sized balls.

Using a pasta machine make sure the thickness setting is on highest which should be No.10 on most machines. Roll your dough through this setting and then fold the dough in half. Pass it through again and then fold it in half again, following this procedure a few times until you have a very smooth dough. Now roll the dough through each setting twice until you get down to No 3. Your pasta should be reasonably thin. Because there’s no gluten it’s difficult to go any thinner without the dough breaking up.

You can now cut your pasta into discs using a pastry ring. Place a little pumpkin in the middle of each ring and brush around the perimeter with a little egg wash: place the remaining disc’s on top. Press down around the seal to push out any air bubbles.

Blanch in warm water for a few minutes garnish with Parmesan and Roquette and drizzle with a little olive oil.

DANGER! If you cook in boiling water the ravioli may split.

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