Everything tastes better outside

It’s been a busy week and I’ve taken full advantage of the garden. Before going to the Who on Monday I enjoyed a lovely BBQ, probably more than the gig; I couldn’t really get past the “Pete when exactly can we expect to see the book” issue, and also if every cab driver in London was at Wembley how did MP’s get from Westminster to Victoria station? Mitch Winehouse must have cleaned up.

More grilled flesh on Wednesday evening, and my big summer outside tip is to bone out a few chicken thighs, place in a bowl with Olive Oil and Creole spice and then broil on the barby.

Cav won another stage in France, as did Froomy who leads.

On the weekend we thumped the Aussie’s and I was lucky enough to go to a festival in Norfolk; more about that next time, provided I get my mind back.BBQ