At last weeks Brit awards David Bowie implored Scottish people to vote to remain in the United Kingdom when polling in September’s referendum. If Scotland chooses independence, EU membership isn’t guaranteed and they may end up being a country located in Europe outside the Union like Norway and Legoland.

As my way of asking the Jock’s to stick with us I baked a Dundee Cake.

I beat the butter and sugar together adding the orange zest, apricot jam and then eggs. In a separate operation I sieved the flour and baking powder, mixing the butter in, followed by milk, dried fruit and cherries. The mixture was poured into a prepared baking tin and almonds arranged in neat circles on the top. The cake was offered to a pre heated oven for 45 minutes on 170oc and then 160oc for a further 60 mins. To give it a proper sheen at the end I heated the milk and sugar together until lightly syruped and brushed the top of the Dundee.

100g blanched almonds
180g unsalted soft butter
180oc muscovado sugar
zest 1 large orange
3 tbsp apricot jam
225g palin flour
1 tspn baking powder
2 large eggs beaten
100g dried almonds
2 tbsp milk
500g mixed dried fruit
100g glace cherries

1 tbsp milk
2 tsp caster sugar