Crab Bisque

No. 45

If you’re 30, don’t have kids and know all the words to Mumford and Sons it was a pretty good weekend. I can remember my last Glastonbury being very wet, and then during Tori Amos the sky opened, the water level exceed the Wellington boot level stranding market traders and leaving me and my then girlfriend wondering if it really was worth staying for Primal Scream; actually it was!

Well yesterday’s dinner was all about a lovely summer crab bisque. Having boiled the crustacea for about 7 minutes I plucked out the white meat from the main body (Carapace) and both claws. The rest of the crab was placed in a pan with an onion, celery, fennel seeds, a whole tomato, whole bulb of garlic, star anise, saffron, tarragon, and everything was then covered in water, which was brought to the boil and then brought down to a simmer. After about 90 minutes I blitzed everything up, passed through a fine chinois and served with the white meat, having added some Tabasco.

Dessert was a lovely flourless orange and almond cake without any butter, so very light; you can have the recipe with the next blog xx
Crab Bisque

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