How to Cook Pheasant Casserole – Video Recipe

Welcome back everyone, nice to have you back. In this little video, I’m going to show you how to make pheasant casserole, a nice winter dish. Enjoy.

Well, after that Christmas blowout, you want something healthy but hearty, because it’s winter. I think I’ve got the perfect dish for you. It’s pheasant casserole. I think what we’re going to do to begin with, is I’m just going to take these three ingredients, which are celery which we’ve sliced up, some leeks, and onions. I’m just going to fry those off, put a bit of colour on them in the pan. They’re going to go in, not for long, but I just want to get them going.

I’m just going to keep an eye on all of those things. I’ve got some turned carrots and potatoes, which is going to add a bit of extra heartiness. Don’t mind about the floor. I’m just going to pop those in the stock that we’re actually going to use to cook this dish off with, or finish it off with. These will actually just get those two veg… going. So in they go. We’ll at least get the lard ons [sounds like 1:27] in, so they’re going to go straight into this pan over here.

I’m going to show you how to bone out the pheasant, which we’re then going to cut into bite sized chunks. Which I think is a useful thing to know how to do, because all poultry is pretty similar, so here we go. The first thing is, we’re going to take off the leg and the thigh. Just go all the way round, and then just snap it out of joint, and then take that off. Same again on the other side, all the way round, snap it out of joint, and then just cut around the joint. Done.

The next thing we’re going to do is just take off both of the breasts here. There’s a bone that runs all the way down, and that’s called the breastbone. We’re going to stick the knife in, press it against that bone, and work all the way down the wishbone. If you just turn the bird around, I’ll just try and do that so that you can see what I’m doing. Then using the very tip of the knife, what we’re going to do is take the other fillet off as well. So again, press that into the breastbone, cut along, do the other way, down we go. Lovely.

Right, now that carcass, obviously use that for stock, because that’s beautiful. I think because we’re doing a pot roast we’ll take the skin off, and then over here, here we go. Just bone out the leg and the thigh. I’m actually going to put those two on the bone in the dish. Finally, what I’m going to do, is once I’ve just cut that into little chunks, is I’m going to brown it off in the pan. Then we’re going to assemble our dish with all the components that you’ve just seen me make.

Right. So, what we need to do is just dust the pheasant in a little bit of flour, and then we’re going to just put a bit of colour on it, so it goes in the pan like that. Over here, a little bit of olive oil on there. That’s going to be very, very hot. There we go. We just want to get some colour on. That’s coming along quite nicely, I’m just going to get some colour on there.

We’re going to assemble the dish now. Let’s get these carrots and potatoes, which have been gently cooking in stock. I’m not going to use all of them, because this is going to be quite a busy pan, but those will go in. Then, I’m going to put pieces of the pheasant in, and I’m also going to put in the onions, leeks, and the celery. That’s looking lovely. Then I’m going to add the bacon. I think we’ll just have a little bit more pheasant on top. There we go. I’ve got some herbs which we can add in, just as a little bouquet garni type thing.

Then, finally, what I’m going to do is just get the stock and spoon it in until it goes all the way to the top. There we go. Lovely. Then finally, I’m just going to put the lid on, on the tray, and that’s going to go in the oven. Here we go.

That pheasant casserole has been in for half an hour, so let’s have a look. Yeah, oh yes. There you have a real winter warmer of a dish. Pheasant casserole.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that pheasant dish.

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