Chocolate Making with Mychocolate

The weekend was all about watching two welterweight’s exchange blows without actually delivering a sucker punch, and for once I’m not referring to the election.


I woke up early Sunday morning to watch the big fight, and was left asking why Pacquiao didn’t really turn up; perhaps he couldn’t find a baby-sitter?


With neither boxer troubled, the whole affair was a load of old chocolate, so daughter and I pulled up a ringside seat at sweetie school Mychocolate in Shoreditch.


Before making anything, chocolate needed to be tempered by melting 2/3 of the quantity over a bains marie, spreading the compound over a marble surface, working with palette knives until cool and smooth, and then returning to the bains marie whilst adding the final 1/3 so all is evenly combined. To make a large button we poured two tablespoons of this mixture onto greaseproof paper, decorated and allowed to set.


Truffles were made by mixing the tempered chocolate with double cream, and then piping into large kisses. After, we rolled them into shape, coated in coco powder and melted chocolate, adding chopped hazelnuts to the outer shell.


The real killer blow of the weekend was watching my old mate Theo Randall on Saturday Kitchen pull no punches and smash 10 seconds off the “BBC making an omelette live on TV’ record; now that’s what I call a knockout.



For Chocolate truffles


(Makes 12)


6 tbsp. of tempered chocolate (dark)

3 tbsp. double cream

1 tbsp. of Coco powder for dusting

Tempered chocolate for coating

1 tbsp. chopped hazelnuts for coating


For Giant Chocolate Button


2 tbsp. of tempered chocolate (dark)

1 tbsp. of tempered chocolate for decoration (milk)

White chocolate shavings for decoration