Cheesecake with a Raspberry Coulis

I’m going to show you how to make a cheesecake, but we’re going to do them individually because I think it looks pretty and fun. The great thing about this is you’re also going to learn how to make a tuile. So let’s crack on without any further ado. The butter goes in, it’s unsalted, and icing sugar. And what will now happen is we’ll edit this bit down, but I’m going to mix it around for probably about a minute until it’s nicely creamed together.

Right, so what now happens is the butter and the icing sugar are coming together quite nicely into a nice little cream, so it’s sort of ribboning. And as it’s doing that, I’m going to add the egg whites. And I’m also going to add the vanilla essence. Right. I’m happy with that. What’s now going to happen is the flour is going to be folded in. Don’t put the whole lot in, just fold it in a bit at a time.

The thing with the tuile mix is it does need to be chilled before you use it. So, I’m going to put this in the fridge for half an hour. But actually I’ve made one in advance, because that’s how organised I am. Now, the other thing I’ve done over here is I’ve made a stencil of exactly the size that I want. In this case, I made it out the back of my health insurance policy brochure, but you don’t have to use that, anything you like.

Right, job done. Right. That goes in a ramekin, more for continuity than anything else. Because what I then do . . . See? Fun. Fun if you’re me. Because you go right, this goes in. Ha-ha-ha-ha. I’ve got my . . . it’s a silicon mat, which you kind of need to use. And what I’m going to do is use that stencil and – I might not get this first go because I’m a bit rubbish at this. But if I just smear it over, we should get the finish that we’re looking for. And then this goes in the oven at 180 degrees for about 6 or 7 minutes.

The interesting thing is I put these on the corners, so that it doesn’t flap up when it’s being baked in the oven. But you’re going to have to work quite quickly afterwards. We’re going to scrape them off the silicon mat and then we’re going to put them on a rolling pin. So next time you come back, you might see a little contraption that will ease that particular process.

So, here we go in the oven. We’re using this one today. Slot it in and we’ll come back to that in a minute. I’m going to have a little tidy-up, and then we’ll move on to the next stage, which is making the cheesecake base and also the filling. And the oven may buzz during the session, so we may end up doing the tuile halfway through.

Right. Sorry about that. Let’s get rid of that. Slight technical thing there. I think we need to do that one. You got to work reasonably quickly with this. Just put that over there and give it a nice bit of curl. And that’s actually really all I need. I’m going to do the other one, just because I can. But, we only need one of those. So that’s fun, we can forget about those now, and move those over here.

Next stage is very simple. I did want to show you this, though. I’ve got my rings here and I’m just going to lightly butter one ring. And I’m also going to make a collar. So again, I’m just going to lightly butter, not too heavily. The ring has a bit of flour. That’s prepped. Same thing, lightly buttered, sugared, and then that’s ready to go for when we do the filling. So we’re going to set those aside, but all of that’s now ready and it will make sense when you see it.

Because we’re only doing one, I’m just crushing this out by hand. But you can do it by using a food processor, if you like, and to speed the whole thing up. I’ve got some butter on the hole, which is ready. You can come through, Carlos, that’s all right. Working kitchen, you see. So I need a policy. Regular viewers will know Carlos. Carlos, wave.

Right, the butter goes in. I haven’t put in all of it yet, because I just want to see what it looks like. Yeah, that’s probably enough. So I’m happy with that. You don’t want it too wet. So, that was the thing that we used for the tuile, so it’s not that hot actually. Right, the prepared ring goes in the middle. And then I’m going to put the biscuit mixture in it like this. And I’ve got one of these presser-downer things, which are quite good. Now, I think the thing is if you press it down now, you get a nice firm base. And then, I think, what happens is if you put the collar in next, it’ll make sense. Obviously, sugar side inwards, so that when you put the mix in, it’s not going to stick to the side.

So we’re all ready now and all we have to do is prepare the cheesecake mix. So, first thing I’m going to do is cream the cheesecake. So we got 55 grams per portion there, with 20 grams of sugar. That goes in. And then I’m going to add lemon juice, egg yolks, and a tiny bit of crème fraîche and a tiny bit of corn flour as I’m mixing. And then we’re going pour the whole lot in here and bake it off. Job done, it’s that simple.

So, you want to get a nice cream in this going, which I’ve got instantly, which I’m pleased with. Bit of corn flour but not all of it. Both of those eggs, they can go in. Lemon juice. I think there’s a bit too much crème fraîche, so that will do. That’s it, finished. All that remains to be done is to pour this into the mould. That’s going to go in the oven, 150 degrees for about 30 minutes.

So I’ve got all my components here, the tuile, the cheesecake, the raspberry coulis we made in advance. That was simply just by bleating down some raspberries with a little bit of sugar and corn flour, passing through a sieve, and then putting in a bottle. The cheesecake, I’m going to just remove the collar, like so. What I’m now going to do is just press down on the base to loosen it up. Now, the collar got a bit rounded, so it’s not perfect. But who the hell cares. Perfection, whatever.

That’s the cheesecake. Put the tuile on top like that. And then I’m just going to do a few little blobs of raspberry coulis like that. Maybe one more. Oh, I know why I needed one more. We like working in odd numbers, chefs. I think it’s perfect dessert if you like a cheesecake. So, there you have individual cheesecake with vanilla tuile. Hope you enjoyed it.

Next time will be a good one for all you vegetarians out there. It’s going to be a griddled courgette ballentine. There’s all sorts of interesting things going in, all of which are vegetarian. So I hope you watch that and keep tuning in.