Candy Kitten & Henry VIII Ice Cream

As any parent will confirm, the summer holidays are a bit like the reality TV show Made In Chelsea; lots of whiny kids, moaning about doing absolutely nothing.

In a bid to avoid this, I took my daughter on a tour of historically significant places for her project on Elizabeth I.

At Hampton Court we bought a dark mint chocolate version of the six wives of Henry VIII on a promise that at the end of our cavalcade we’d make an ice cream with them. On the way into the cookery school, Candy Kittens were selling their lovely Eton Mess Flavoured sweeties from a pop up shop at Old Street station, so we decided to include them as well.

Both the confection and figurines were chopped into chips (although Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard needed their heads removing first). In a separate operation, sugar was mixed with egg yolks, then milk, and cooked in a pan until the back of a wooden spoon was coated. Double cream was added, and again the mixture was cooked down. Once the back of a wooden spoon was coated afresh, the mixture was then churned in an ice cream machine and when set, the chocolate and sweeties added before freezing.

Candy Kittens is the brainchild of budding entrepreneur Jamie Laing, who also stars in Made In Chelsea. I take my hat off to the Jaffa Cakes heir for making his dream a reality; the others in the show are just nauseating aristocracy who should be sent to The Tower for TV tittle tattle trust fund treason.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with Candy Kittens & Henry VIII’s Wives

Serves 8

All Six wives and Henry VIII mint chocolate, cut into chips (150g)
80g Candy Kittens sweeties
6 egg yolks
120g Caster Sugar
1 pint Full Fat Milk
1 pint Double Cream