Calf belly, fennel seeds, marsala and chestnuts

There’s a new Sicilian restaurant on Haverstock Hill in Hampstead, which is pretty good, although perhaps only go if you’re working for Nigella and have access to her husband’s credit card as you might not want to pick up the tab yourself.

I had the Calf, which is very easy to cook as I had a chat with the chef. He told me that he rubbed a rolled belly of veal with fennel seeds, mustard and olive oil cooking at 330oC for 30 minutes, and then 170oC for a further 11/2 hours, whilst the chestnuts were roasted for 10 minutes, had their skins removed, were added to beef stock and marsala until the sauce was reduced until thickened.

The friendly Sommelier recommended Carlin De Paolo 2012, which is a very light Grignolino from Piemonte and a real find.

Nigella spent all those years living at number 11 with her dad the former Chancellor of the Exchequer and still couldn’t get a handle on finance and expense accounts, although perhaps the most surprising aspect of the story is that she’s not being considered as the next CEO of the Co-Op bank.

Serves two

1 Rolled Belly Of Veal
2tsp English Mustard
2 tsp English Mustard
2 tbsp Olive Oil
300ml Veal Stock
150ml Marsala
small hand full of chestnuts