Beef Burger Recipe

Gear up for summer with this great Beef Burger recipe.

Home Made Beef Burgers

Serves 4

450g lean minced beef

1 Diced onion

1 clove diced garlic

1 small handful of Breadcrumbs

1 whole raw egg (only use half)

1 tspn tomato ketchup

1 tspn Worcester sauce

1 tspn tobasco

1.Fry of the onion under a low flame in a pan with the lid on for a good ten minutes, until golden, and add the garlic for the final 2 minutes; set a side to cool.

2.Put the minced beef in a bowl with the diced onions,. Work with your hands until evenly mixed; add all the other ingredients and shape into meat patties, leave in fridge for 20 minutes

3.Heat frying pan with a little vegetable oil, add burgers and continue to turn for 4 minutes until cooked.