Ballot Time, Turkey Ballotine

Last week Harriet Harmen launched Labour’s secret election weapon designed to tempt the female vote in the shape of a pink Transit van, which is set to tour the country.


It’s already been branded patronising to girls, in the same way I guess that the tabloid press have made a competition out of what actress’s wear at the Oscars. I’ll not be awarding any golden turkey’s in this blog, although try my recipe for creating a ballontine out of the paunchy poultry couldn’t be more of a bespoke fit.


First make the stuffing by mixing together red onion, fresh sage, roasted chestnuts, sausage meat, and then binding it all together with an egg and breadcrumbs. Lay a line of this filling down the middle of a raw slice of Turkey, roll up, wrap in tin foil, and poach in a bains marie for 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 160oC/gas 5. Finally when unwrapped to give this dish the red carpet treatment, fry off in a pan giving the meat a rich golden glaze.


Perhaps if Labour wanted to whip up more of a media frenzy they should paint their election bus “50 shades of grey”, have it drawn by the two Ed’s whilst gagging the shadow deputy Prime Minister .



Serves 2


2 raw Breast Of Turkey,


For the Stuffing:

2 Red Onions,

15g Fresh Sage chopped,

150g roasted chestnuts,

500g-sausage meat,

1 large egg,

200g breadcrumbs