A very old mate invited me to celebrate his birthday with a few others on Friday. A quick visit to The Oval nightspot in Bethnal Green to see disco reconstruction expert Joey Negro, helped “relight my fire” along with lots of people who looked like they were on their last bender before getting married for the third time to someone they’d met on Tinder, the location-based social discovery dating app.

In order to meet the rest of our crowd who were having supper at a nearby restaurant, three of us hailed a black cab, and then spent the entire journey directing the driver via Google maps on our phone, as his vehicle was not equipped with an automotive navigation system.

Later in the evening we moved onto a party where DJ Tiago from Lisbon crafted together a collection of records without having to wear a blue all in one boiler suit, or a mask with square window in the front, or employ the services of a welding gun…… quite how I’m still not sure. The whole set was executed with the ruthless efficiency of…. well a transportation network company that allows customers to order their logistics at the touch of a button without having to direct.

And to think a few weeks ago I was castigated (on Facebook after my last blog) for using a service, which is almost cheaper than running. Funny that retail chief Philip Green looks like a London Cabbie; if the public gets their way his next job might be behind the wheel! Black cabs are failing to consider customer needs and will go the same way as BHS if they’re not careful.

In culinary terms the registered taxi is a “bacon and eggs”: service for a city that requires a “fine dining” option. The LTA needs to consider it’s existing package and then upgrade if it’s to survive. In the meantime if you fancy a fry-up why not follow my recipe below.

Bacon and Eggs:

Serves 2

For the bacon: Take 4 strips of un-smoked streaky bacon, lay between two bakery racks and place under a medium hot grill for 10 minutes, or until crispy. Pat dry with kitchen towel and set aside.

For the brioche: toast 4 slices, and then use a pastry cutter to shape into circles. Spread with unsalted butter and place two slices on top of each other, per plate.

For the eggs: Crack six medium sized eggs into a bowl adding a pinch of cracked pepper and Maldon sea salt: whisk with a fork until evenly combined. Now place a small saucepan over a medium flame with a knob of unsalted butter and allow to melt. Follow with the egg mixture and stir until half cooked. Continue to mix off heat until you have your desired consistency. To give this dish a fine dining look, place the eggs on the brioche, then crumble flakes of the bacon on top, and serve with Heinz tomato ketchup.