Asparagus and Watercress Risotto – Video Recipe

I’m going to show you how to do a risotto, because I’m surprised how many people don’t know how to cook it. It’s very simple, lovely dish. We’re going to cook it with some asparagus and watercress. I hope you enjoy it.

The first thing to do is, in the pan, some diced onion. You give those a little bit of a stir. Let that cook off for three or four minutes so they go translucent. I’m just going to put the garlic in. Just get that on its way. Keep an eye on it because if you leave it for too long, it will start to burn. And what I’m now going to do is take the risotto rice, or Arborio rice. Put that straight in, and I’m going to fry that off. I’ll probably add just a touch more olive oil, because I can, and just give that a little stir.

Now if you look behind me, you will see that there is a pan on the hob, and what that is over here is stock. And one of the things I quite like doing just to begin with is adding just a drop of white wine. And that needs to be cooked all the way down, which is why I’ve not really done a great deal, because most of it’s been absorbed. But it does give you a rise and extra layer of flavour. For this next process, the cooking with the stock, you can either use cube or fresh. We have fresh here. These will now cook in about 10, 15 minutes time. And then when it’s ready, we’ll finish it off and plate up.

That’s now cooked all the way through, but what I’m going to do is add parmesan to it. So it’s just plating up. Now all I did with this asparagus, I just blanched it off in boiling water, and I’m just going to use the tips. Here we go. I mean, it really is incredibly simple to make. Bit of a naughty dish, but always goes down well. Little bit of watercress on top like that, drop of olive oil, and there you have a risotto of asparagus and watercress.

So hopefully, that’s inspired you to give risotto a go. The theory is you can have any ingredient you like and then add it to the risotto, provided it’s cooked. And the same theory applies to frittata, which is what we’re going to be doing next time. I’m going to be showing you how to do a slow-roasted tomato with feta and potato. Anyway, I hope to see you then, and thanks for watching!